The OMF research on mass emotions were presented at the ISRE-2019 (University of Amsterdam)

Open Mind Foundation presented its research projects on a conference of International Society for Research on Emotions (ISRE) in  the University of Amsterdam 10-13 of July 2019.  

ISRE   brings together scholars from different disciplines that share an interest in emotions, moods and other affective phenomena. ISRE holds a representative international conference every two years to showcase the latest research in anthropology, business, computer science, economics, history, law, linguistics, medicine, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, sociology and other fields.

The presentation of Open Mind Foundation demonstrated the  first Map  of mass emotions of Ukraine and results  of its study how mass emotions transform into mass actions: 

  •  Study of electoral emotions during the Presidential campaign in Ukraine (February-April 2019)
  •  Study of electoral emotions during the Presidential campaign in Lithuania (May 2019)

The both electoral research executed by OMF proved that the  “emotional” approach of studies in public opinion can  anticipate  election results and allow to determine who is the leader and who are the outsiders  long before the  election day. 

Open Mind Foundation was the  only member of the ISRE-2019 conference to present the study on mass emotions.  Our research proved that  the emotional state of people can have a significant impact to the economy, social life and foreign policy of  a country. 


To download the OMF Poster in ISRE 2019