Open Mind Foundation

The Open Mind Foundation is an international research foundation studying individual, collective and mass emotions as well as the mechanism for their occurrence and influence on reality.

Sociologists usually ask people what they think but we want to know what they feel.

The study of mass emotions helps to understand the reasons for actions of large groups more deeply.

Our mission

To demonstrate to liberal elites, both present and future, the emotional state, in which people must  live in order to be prepared to defend liberal values.

 Our goals

To study collective emotions and how they relate to social, political, and economic changes in a society.

 To unite researchers in various academic fields who study individual and collective emotions.

 To accumulate cutting-edge research and innovations in the field of emotive technologies. 

 To develop methods for diagnosing and monitoring the emotional state of large population groups.

 To assess the level of basic collective emotions in various elites and age groups that compose a society.

 To understand the emotional  power that gives rise to and  perpetuates various hate groups.

 We are:


We have an unbiased approach to all objects of research.


We employ only scientifically proved methods of research.  


We are not affiliated with any government, political party or business organization.


We share our technologies and methods. 

Methods of research

In its research the foundation employs the following methods:


Using qualitative and quantitative sociological research methods.


Analysis of global media and social network content.


The employment of special software and/or hardware that determine emotions via audiovisual renderings (facial expression, eye movement, body language, gestures), text, voice, and physiological reactions of the body.

Our research plan for 2019

Ukraine presidential elections 

Daily measurement of emotions aroused by the main candidates.

EU Parliament elections

Daily measurement of emotions aroused by anti-EU political  forces.

Ukraine Parliament elections

Daily measurement of emotions aroused by the main political parties.  

A comparative study

Anti-semitism in countries of the european union is growing.  is it in russia, ukraine and  belarus? Who are  the anti-semites?

All the results will be published on our oficial website.

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