World Tolerance Summit in Dubai

World Tolerance Summit in Dubai

On 13 - 14 November 2019, the Open Mind Foundation (OMF) team participated in the World Tolerance Summit, held in Dubai. The summit gathered global leaders in numerous areas to discuss the importance of tolerance, peace and equality across the planet. 
One of the key events halls of Dubai, Madinat Conference Hall, greeted the World Tolerance Summit

The OMF is utterly focused on and eager about deducing the pattern of mass emotions, such as hope, fear, humiliation, anger, as well as other emotional mental states, and finding its exact correlation to the well-being of a population.

The OMF team proposes that positive mass emotions within a large number of communities are closely correlated to and are influenced by the level of mutual tolerance among its members. The positive balance of mass emotions means less conflicts, calamities, crimes, ethnic conflicts, hate language in society.

More than 1,000 diplomats, ambassadors, academics, researchers and journalists, from more than 100 countries, came to Dubai to participate in the World Tolerance Summit.  At various panels and sessions the participants discussed the issues of gender equality, sustainability, community cohesion, strategies on youth and disability.

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