An Online System for Monitoring the Emotional State of the World’s Countries

An Online System for Monitoring the Emotional State of the World’s Countries

A Daily Map of Collective Emotions of the Country.

How is your country feeling today?

The answer to this question can tell us about the economy, politics, and social issues of any country much more fully and vividly than bare statistics. Understanding the emotions of the people living in a country can help find more reliable means of resolving social issues. 

What is a feelings meter?

Open Mind Foundation has developed an algorithm for determining collective emotions online. This is a sort of feelings meter, which we have dubbed the "affectometer," from the Latin word affectus, or feeling.   

A map of collective emotions can be a window of insight into the life of a country. The main thing is your active participation in the project

Now the whole world will be able to see what the inhabitants of various regions are feeling — and why.  We will learn which emotions women are experiencing and which are common in men; what different generations are happy about and what has them worried. By knowing this we will learn which direction we should be taking and where to seek solutions to problems and conflicts.

How does it work?

Register on our website, go to the webpage for your country, and select one of the three basic emotions that best matches your mood: hope, fear, or humiliation. Each vote will be reflected on an interactive map. 

Why do I need to register on the website?

In order to determine the emotions of different categories of users we will ask you questions for clarification during your registration.  This is important, so please take two minutes to answer them. We guarantee that your participation will remain completely anonymous. All your personal data are heavily protected by the project's security protocol. 

Please note! We do not ask for your real name. We ask only your demographic information — age, sex, place of residence, and education. 

Invite your friends and family to share their feelings! The more people participate in creating our emotional map, the better we will be able to determine the actual mood of your country. 

With your help together we will learn what is actually going down in the nation, and together we will show the government what they need to do to make a better life for all of us.

We are completely public

All the findings of this project are completely public.  You can see how people are feeling in neighboring countries and why, today or on any day since the project began. 

Project geography

Currently you can view detailed emotional maps of users in three countries: Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The list of participating countries will continue to grow.  Our goal is to create a dynamic emotional map of the whole world.  

Why is Crimea on a separate map?

According to international law Crimea is under Ukrainian jurisdiction, but in fact Crimeans have Russian passports.

We want very much to learn what mood is prevailing among the inhabitants of Crimea. We have placed the peninsula on a separate webpage so that they will not be afraid to express their opinions.  As for all participants in the project, we guarantee their complete anonymity. We are asking  them to share their feelings: did they wake up today with hope for the future, fear of the future, or humiliation because of the present conditions? Knowing the truth is important to all of us.

Win prizes!

The more often you share your emotions, the more chances you will have to earn fun prizes. 

Every Friday our specialized algorithm calculates the average points for all registered users on the website.  Everyone who is at or above the average number of points is entered in a drawing for fun and useful prizes — a subscription to an online movie theater, an interesting website, an audio book or an e-book. 

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