Lawlessness of officials is the main reason for the fear of Ukrainians in the period of April 20-24, 2020

Lawlessness of officials is the main reason for the fear of Ukrainians in the period of April 20-24, 2020

OMF Foundation Second Survey "The emotional state of Ukrainians in times of coronavirus".

Method and Sampling

In the period from April 17 to April 24, 2020, OMF sociological group conducted another representative sample survey of the general population in the Ukraine. The sample size remained the same — 600 people. The main target of the study was the Ukrainian population of 18 years of age and older. The villagers and older people were interviewed via telephone utilizing (CATI) and the rest of the population was interviewed using online questionnaires (CAWI).

The research sampling was stochastic, stratified and multi-stage. Stratification was carried out on the grounds of the region of residence and the type of locality.

The estimated sampling error is 4% with a confidence level of 95%.

Complete survey results are available on request: [email protected]

The index of hope keeps moving down while fear is rising

The change of emotions amongst the Ukrainian population within a week

Survey dates: April 20-24, 2020
Representative sample size - 600 respondents.
The survey conducted by the sociological group of the OMF Foundation

What emotion is dominant in your life today?

In one week time, the emotional state of Ukrainians has continued changing slightly in the same direction observed in the previous week.

The "Index of Hope” in the country saw a decrease by almost 3%. This week only 46% of Ukrainians still live with hope for the future, compared to last week it was 49,2%. With these “Index of Hope” numbers going down, the feeling of fear and uncertainty about tomorrow among the residents, has increased from 29,1% last week to 33,4% this week. Every fifth, 20,6% live in humiliation, this number stayed almost the same in comparison to last week 21,7%.

If we look at the reasons why people still have hope, or why a high percent of the population lives in uncertainty about what tomorrow will bring, we can see the following causes for their emotions: more than half of Ukrainians (25,3 %) that are living in hope for tomorrow, are finding hope in their personal life (they are confident about the future, have increased income, noticed that people around becoming kinder), and only 10,8% are hopeful because of the situation in the country, this number is 2% less than last week 12,2% (these residents assume that the leadership is taking care of people and taking the right measures during the coronavirus).

From the 33,4% living in fear, most of them are blaming the situation and events unfolding in the country (22,6% the 2% increase comparing to last weeks 20,9%).

What is the main reason for your fear? % of respondents
In your personal life 5,1%
In your work 4,5%
In events unfolding in the country 22,6%
In events unfolding in your city (village) 1,2%
Total: 33,4%
Here are the reasons for fear amongst respondents who chose "events unfolding in the country" as the reason for their emotions (22.6% of all Ukrainians) % of respondents
Putin will capitalize on the coronavirus crisis and will provoke war in Ukraine 2,2%
I am afraid of the collapse of the country 2,6%
Even during the corona crisis, officials will make money from the people 14,6%
I'm afraid of hunger riots 3,1%

14,6% of Ukrainians think that even during the corona crisis, officials will make money from the people (same 2% increase in comparison to last weeks 12%).

Reason for fear. Survey Dynamics 17.04.2020 24.04.2020
Even during the corona crisis, officials will make money from the people 12% 14,6%

On a positive note, only 5,1% and 4,5% percent of Ukrainians have their fears rooted in their personal life situation or work. This shows that the fear of getting the virus, or loosing the job because of the virus is still quiet low, only 0,2% lost their jobs and 2% started earning less. In one week time the fear of getting the virus among population almost doubled from 0,7% to 1,2%, however the number is still very low.

These are the reasons and percentual distribution for the feeling of humiliation, amongst Ukrainians in the week of April 20-24.

What is the main reason for feeling humiliation? % of respondents
In your personal life 1,8%
In your work 2,7%
In events unfolding in the country 15%
In events unfolding in your city (village) 1,2%

The main reason for the residents feeling humiliated are the events unfolding in the country (15%), where as many as 8,1% are thinking, that the authorities will continue to work for the interests of the oligarchs ( which is 2% less than last week). Incompetent leadership or feeling of no leaders presence in the country are on the second place with 2,4% and 4,5% respectively.

The main reasons for feeling humiliation of those who chose the option “events unfolding in the country” % of respondents
During the coronavirus, the leadership of the country I voted for turned out to be incompetent 2,4%
The government continues to support the interests of the oligarchs 8,1%
At the time of the global crisis, my country has no leader 4,5%

Let’s look closer at the cluster numbers by age and gender

The conducted study shows also the difference in the emotions between men and women, village and urban residents, young people and representatives of older generations can possibly help to find a solution in the existing situation and support each specific cluster of the population in the time of the crisis.

The last few weeks of data has shown that corona virus crisis has the biggest impact on the emotions of the young generation: 18-29 years old. At the beginning of the year they were the most optimistic cluster of the population.

In the past week their hope for tomorrow went down another 3% from 52,2% to 49,2%. The feeling humiliated however decreased from 18% to 12% this week, which would be good news if the feeling of fear didn´t increase from 29,5 to 38,8%. The most of the hope comes from their personal life situations as well as work and study, and the most fear comes from the events unfolding in the country. Another good news — young people are the least inclined to blame the state for their humiliation — only 7% of the 18-29 generation blames the state.

Generation 18-29 30-44 45-59 60+
What emotion is dominant in your life today? % % % %
Hope for tomorrow 49,2 50,5 41,7 41,6
Fear of tomorrow 38,8 30 33,6 30,9
Humiliation due to the conditions of life 12 19,5 24,6 27,6

Each successive generation feels more and more humiliated. 27.6% of the older Ukrainians, 60 years of age and older, live with a feeling of humiliation. And more often: the older they are, the more they blame the events in the country.

The happiest in personal life are still the demographic of the President — 30-44 years old, 32,3% of all Ukrainians of this age live with hope for tomorrow, thanks to their personal life which is the highest percentage among all generations. Whereas the hope of the elderly is mostly related to the country — 17,8% live with hope and the reason is the events that are happening in Ukraine now. They see positive changes.

Another interesting observation is that youth are five times more likely than others to feel fear because of what is happening in their personal lives — 9,5% of the 18-29 generation said so. (for the other generations this value is about 2% each).

Take care of your women!

According to the latest surveys, women today live with fear of tomorrow twice as much as men

Ukrainian men are slowly loosing hope for the future, this value went down from 54,2% to 49,5% this week. On the other hand 43,1% of women live with hope in the future – 2% less than last week. Among the reasons for hope in the first place is the personal life situation for 27% of men and 23,9% of women.

The emotional state of men and women in Ukraine

Survey dates: April 20-24, 2020
Representative sample size - 600 respondents.

What emotion is prevalent in your life today? Men Women
Hope for tomorrow 49,5 43,1
Fear of tomorrow 24,5 40,7
Humiliation due to the conditions of life 26 16,3

The work situation as a reason for having hope in the future increased from 12% to 13,4% of men in Ukraine and decreased from 5,7% to 4,9% from women.

Fear is the core threat for women in Ukraine. This week 40,7% of all Ukrainian women live in fear from 36,1 last week, that is, more than every third woman. Every fourth woman is concerned by the events unfolding day to day in the country.

Humiliation remains the main challenge for Ukrainian men. Today, every fourth man (18,5%) feels humiliated by it’s current life condition.

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