Presidential Election. A New Lithuanian Hope. The first measurement of electoral emotions in Lithuania

Presidential Election. A New Lithuanian Hope. The first measurement of electoral emotions in Lithuania

Ingrida Šimonytė or Gitanas Nausėda? Who is going to become the sixth president of Lithuania? On May 26th, Lithuanians will decide their future. The same day they are going to choose their representatives in the European Parliament.

Out of the two candidates, who inspires more hope? Perhaps one prompts you to experience fear or humiliation? Let’s find out why these candidates evoke certain emotions. We invite all Lithuanian voters share their emotions and show online, to the whole world, how the country feels.

Savik Shuster’s ‘Open Mind Foundation’, a research fund, studies the emotions of the masses. We examine the correlation between people’s emotions and their social status. The results of this research provide a more specific idea about public opinion than traditional methods. They also characterize the living conditions, moods and viewpoints of different generations, men and women, and citizens from different cities and regions. The data received provides a detailed analysis of people’s emotional state and enables politicians to create effective recommendations for the development of the state.

More than ten thousand Ukrainians took part in our research media project “Presidential Election in Ukraine” in March-April 2019. The results of online voting, which revealed the emotions evoked by the two candidates from the second round, were completely matching with the election results. Also, due to the results received, we found out what Ukrainians mostly lives for. Our research makes it possible to analyze in detail the sources of the country’s social problems and find ways to solve them. Now, our partners in Europe are working on the final document of the project.

With the run-off presidential election in Lithuania, we’re organizing two types of surveys (as we did for Ukraine):

  1. National voting. Any Lithuanian citizen can register on the fund’s website and, once a day, choose the emotions they experience towards the two candidates.
  2. Sociological CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) research. KANTAR Company is a partner of Open Mind Foundation in gathering data. Lithuanian sociologists will interview 1,000 participants of their internet-panels, which represent Lithuanian public opinion on demographic and geographical levels. The survey results will be revealed on May 24th. Everyone can compare them with the election results on our website.

Savik Shuster: “Lithuania is my home country, which I had to immigrate from with my parents when I was 19. This is my first project in Lithuania in my 42-year career in journalism. I am concerned about the future of Lithuania and I really want to know your opinion about today and tomorrow. I ask all voters to visit our website, go through a short registration, choose your emotions towards both candidates and together we can see how the country feels and who and why you pin your hopes on someone.”

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